Rupel winery is open for visits every day. On site or with prior reservation you can choose your tasting – small, medium or large, depending on the number of tasting wines.

If you are a larger group, you can order lunch or dinner in a hall in the vineyard, accompanied by a folklore program.

All tastings include walks through the vineyards, observation and participation in the wine-making process according to the season, wine cellar and talk.

Rupel winery annually organizes celebrations on the occasion of the traditional celebration Trifon Zarezan, the opening of grape harvest and others, accompanied by a varied program.


Package 1

Visiting the cellar and storytelling, visiting the vineyard and tasting 3 wines with delicacies.
Price: BGN 15.00

Package 2

Visiting the cellar and storytelling, visiting the vineyard and tasting 5 wines with delicacies.
Price: BGN 25.00

Package 3

Visiting the cellar and storytelling, visiting the vineyard and tasting 3 wines with lunch or dinner on a preliminary three-course menu for a group of at least 10 people.
Price: BGN 60.00

Package 4 – Current in the period from April to October

Cycling tour along the bike path from Rupel winery to Orbelus winery, including:

Bicycle rental – BGN 10.00 / hour

Tourist backpack with sandwiches and water – BGN 10.00

Guide – BGN 25.00

Tasting in Orbelus winery –

Tasting of 3 wines in Rupel winery – BGN 15.00

More information about Rupel cycling tour here

Package 5 – Current in the period from April to October

Picnic for two / wooden building or lawn chateau / including 1 wine, barbecue, vegetables, bread

Price: BGN 60.00

Option: Provided transportation from Rupel Winery, with the possibility of transfer up to 6 people from the accommodation to the winery and back, visits of cultural and historical sites in the area for an additional fee.

Cultural Tourism:

St. George Church in the village of Dolno Spanchevo, declared a monument of culture. In the past, people have had a special sense of where to build a temple. Sacrifice was associated with a divine sign. For the people of Dolno Spanchevo this sign is the small holy spring with healing water that flows into the church near the altar.

The Rupite area and the temple dedicated to the remarkable phenomenon of the prophet Vanga “Saint Petka Bulgarska”.

Rozhen Monastery – a spiritual center of Southwestern Bulgaria.

Reverend Stoyna and Sts. Georgi in the village of Zlatolist.

Churilovo Monastery, 15 km. Northwest of Petrich towards Gega village.

Heraclea Sintica is located at the foot of the Kojuh hill, near the place of Rupite and the temple of Vanga.

Memorial Park Samuil’s Fortress.

Mineral mud baths with Marikostinovo.

Town of Melnik – The Kordopulov House, Historical Museum, Wine Museum.

The museums in Petrich and Sandanski, which show artifacts from all historical periods.