The vineyards of the Rupel winery are situated in the most southwestern part of Bulgaria on the slopes of the Durylovitsa area in the villages of Harsovo and Dolno Spanchevo / Valley of Sandanski and Petrich/.

The beginning of the villages of Harsovo and Dolno Spanchevo dates back to the 10th century. Already at that time in the countryside of the villages are grown up to 1200 decares of vineyards – mostly “pamid” and “shiroka melnik vine”, and the wine, produced by them, for millennia spread the glory of the region around the world. Here merchants came before the 13th century from Dubrovnik. The well-known wine came to prominent politician Winston Churchill, who also ordered from this local wine potion.

In 1913, during the Second Balkan War, the villages in the area were captured by the Greek army, and many houses were burnt down and a large part of the vineyards abandoned.

At that time, “imported” disease in the vineyards, etc., also appeared. Phylloxera caused by biological pests.

But the traditional growing of grapes is kept over the years!

Today, bringing the warmth of the earth into our souls and the taste of the wine in our hearts, we have achieved a consolidation of our ancestral lands and restoration of the vineyards. The vineyards are planted in 2006. The planting material arrives selected by the French piping “GION” and “TROANT” Italy.

Vine-growing and wine-making are traditional in the region, and recent research shows that the region’s terroir is unique in Bulgaria and is suitable for growing mainly red varieties of grapes. The vineyard is protected from all sides by mountainous heights – Pirin, Belasitsa, Maleshevo and Ograzhden.

The soft and dry climate, the proximity of the White Sea provide ideal conditions for growing grapes.

“In grapes and wine the soils and the climate decide if not everything, then almost everything! The rest is a matter of labor and knowledge! “