In 2015, it opens its own modern technological base built near the vineyards – an advantage in terms of fast, stress free and quality transportation of the grapes, with the possibility of processing about 250 tons of grapes and a capacity of 500,000 liters. Vessels for fermentation, vinification and wine storage are Bulgarian produced by Biomashinostroene AD, Plovdiv.The rest of the technological equipment, including the bottling line, is Italian. The Oak wine barrels are made of French oak and American oak.

All vessels in the winery are equipped with a cooling system. They can be cooled or warmed up, some of the tanks can be heated together with the cooling of others, all controlled by a control panel.

The grapes arrive in perfect condition and pour into a hopper designed specifically for the needs of the winery. From it, on a gravitational path, the grapes fall into the combined punching and chopping machine. With it, all settings are adjustable – the clown speed, the degree of grain crunching. Thus, the operator regulates the processing according to the variety and maturity, from which the slurry is transferred to the fermenters by passing it through a heat exchanger so that the temperature is kept low enough. Setting up for several days, then fermenting at controlled temperature to finally get good fruit notes and aromas.

The bottling line is made up of several parts: a washing segment filled with a dispenser, a sealing part adapted to work with both corks and screw caps, an encapsulating part with polyamide and PVC capsules and a labeling machine. Also, the cellar has a filling station with different capacities. Bottled wine passes an aging period in a bottle before it is placed on the market.

The cellar is equipped with a nitrogen production plant and all vessels are connected to it in order to provide protection from oxidation during all stages of the process, including bottling.

Given the importance of hygiene in this area, the winery is equipped with recirculating dishwashing systems, the floors are covered with special resin and are equipped with channels that allow the maintenance of exceptional purity, which is another important condition for the production of quality wines.

The cellar also has its own laboratory for performing important and routine analyzes.

In the cellar, the production philosophy is the same as the vineyard, which means that the “natural” is first, with minimal additions of sulphites, impeccable hygiene, the production of wine in a natural way.